Automatic Power Factor Control (apfc) Panel

APFC panel is completely mechanical in function and can realize preferred power factor under variable load conditions. We offering the installation and examine solutions for any types of APFC Panels and Controllers. In now days the majority of the commercial and Industrial setting up large electrical loads; which are harshly inductive in nature for example large machines, motors, drivers, air conditioners etc, it fallout in a severely lagging power aspect. This means loss & expenditure of energy and heavy consequence by electrical boards. In case of permanent loads this can be taken care by physical switching of capacitors yet in case of quickly unstable & scattered loads it turns into tricky to continue a high power factor by physically switching on or off the capacitors in quantity to difference of load within an installation. This disadvantage is defeat by using an APFC panel (Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel) which not only keep high power factor but also reduces the need for regular manual intervention.


  • Available in Modular design
  • It is Floor mounted, indoor and its cable entry from bottom
  • It has Minimum joints, lower losses and better reliability
  • Particular cables used hence survives high temperature
  • APFC Panel with Microprocessor based relay for controlling power factor within required values.
  • RTPFC Panels using Thyristor based capacitor switching.
  • Fully ventilation type panel
  • Easy Maintenance and easy to removable capacitor
  • Used of capacitive duty contactors
  • Always maintain 0.99PF.
  • High-speed power factor correction.

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