Power Control Center (pcc) Panel

Power Control Centre (PCC) measured to be the base of an electrical organism in any industry. Hence it shall present users long term dependability, protection, low maintenance & testing time.

Power Control Centre (PCC) is used for distribution and control of different power source used in industry. Usually Power Control Centers is set up near power source hence fault level is high. It is planned to suit fault level of 50KA or 65 KA for 1 sec. Power Control Centers are intended to suit the fault level as well as temperature rise to 40°c above ambient. These are accessible in a wide range (from 630A to 6300 A) to match every user’s requirement.


Power Control Centre is Reliable, Compact and Safe

  • Assemblies offering maximum reliability
  • Test and detached point with door closed for security
  • For each rated present range, most favorable connection conditions for cables
  • split function partitions consisting of a toggle device, auxiliary tools and a cable connection compartment for safety

Power Control Centre is User friendly

  • contribute way with no any sacrifices in terms of practical specificationsHigh short period existing carrying capacity for time-graded short-circuit guard assures dependable operation of the switchboard without being pretentious by short-circuit
  • suggestion & procedure in the door closed situation
  • improved communication system

Main LT Panel, PCC With single, Multiple incomer, bus couplers with proper interlocking
Required protection, fault indications, interlocking is provided.

Various designs are offered in PCC like top, Middle, Bottom Horizontal bus chamber, panel with aluminum/copper bus bars, top/bottom/front/rear cable termination, combinations of APFC Part with PCC.

Required facilities like DGIncomer with AMF Functions, Cut-off of nonessential feeders at the event of failure of mains power.

Panel with provision to connect bus duct at main incomer side.


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